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Tegdown Hill, nr Patcham, East Sussex, UK



Two overlapping, interlocking crescents forming a circular design approx 260' dia.

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Date Reported

9th May

Date Created


Crop Type

Oilseed rape

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Comment posted by Joe Mason on 6th Jun 2010 @ 12:47am
My new article includes information about the 2004 Tegdown Hill formation --

Many formations fit with the Tipharet Helix symbolism.
At 12:49am on 31st Jul 2004, steve pyrah wrote;
"see what Pan says about crop circles at
At 4:23pm on 21st Jun 2004, Tom Sutter wrote;
"This one is authentic. So far, the only authentic one I've seen."

At 2:29am on 10th Jun 2004, Watcher wrote;
"Other than the odd movie, I haven't watched anything on television other than the Gulf War, sniper shootings in Maryland (and other States), 9-11, the Iraq War and clips of Afghanistan. Not bad for a dozen years."

At 1:49am on 10th Jun 2004, fox wrote;
"You are both right, of course. I stopped watching TV at all one year ago, and for that matter, reading anything mainstream.
But I don't hold that when I did that, I was somehow being released from the grip of some terrible tyrant, unless that tyrant was myself.
We are all our own tyrants. The media is a reflection of our psyche, and not the creator of it. The only power they wield is that which we give it. It is rooted in our lifestyles and our cynicism. To change that would be to change the media. What they sell must be bought voluntarily. If one asks why the public doesn't believe in CCS, I would have to say they do not welcome them into their psyches because they are cynical. The media then says,"Hey! Cynical sells! Let's appear cynical!"
People also get the government they ask for. Manipulation is impossible for any length of time. Half the people in the USA would still vote for Bush. And the sins of this half-witted bible-thumping cheat are all over the front pages of so-called controlled press. Money---yes. Conspiracy---no. Professional integrity in journalism is dead because it's readership does not possess enough of it to recognize it, and sadly, unheralded integrity has always been a rarity. We are living in an age of instant information, and mistaking it for instant knowledge. There is no such thing.

At 6:19pm on 5th Jun 2004, Watcher wrote;
"Fox: The media shapes public opinion. What used to be hundreds of privately owned papers is now basically controlled by about half a dozen corporations. CNN puts spin on news at the behest of Washinton. Seen anything on the Iraq thing lately? Why? It isn't news because it is not presented as news. There is that aspect also. "

At 3:57pm on 5th Jun 2004, NR wrote;
"Reptilians or not the media is still the same controlled misinformation, half truths, steroetypical labelling and deviance amplification. Sadly the sheep think that it is true because it is 'on the news'. In the UK the BBC is held up as a company with full integrity... therefore everything we are spoonfed in its news broadcasts must be truthful. Even 'respected' newspapers like The Telegraph are cut from the same cloth (or is that paper?) Its all the same contrived rubbish.. just wrapped up in a different coloured bow.If it was wished for.. they media could have the majority interested and questioning the nature of CCs within a week.
Before David Icke.. there was Stan Cohen.. author of "Folk Devils and Moral panics" That book was responsible for changing my entire outlook on the media.

At 2:11am on 5th Jun 2004, fox wrote;
"Or it could be that there are no Reptilians. It could be that it's not on the news because there's no money in it. It could be that the world isn't ready for CCs.
They wouldn't know what to do with them.
Oil was like that once, until they found out it made heat and ran trains.
CCs are an enigma, and nobody's pinned them down. The picture doesn't get clearer with time, either. Instead, they are becoming a source of religious zeal. Hundreds of years pass, and the religion's still there, but the answers still don't come. It's always that way. People insert meaning and extravagent notions into virtually everything they don't understand. A hundred years from now, people will fight wars over the true meaning of CCs.
But there is no true meaning---we have to manufacture that. CCs are a cardboard box, and were a bunch of creative youngsters. I'm making a friendly plasma being out of my box . What are you making out of your box?
What you've been told to make? Or something original?

On 1st Jun 2004, Watcher wrote;
"" . . . why is it that most of the news media consider the crop circles a joke and a non-story?"

If the purpose of the circles is to awaken us to our 'reality', then the answer to that question is found by looking at who controls the media. What used to be an assortment of opinions and views in newspaper editorial has become a litany of BS in the daily papers worldwide. Television has become a bland collection of talking heads who form, shape and direct public opinion based on a corporate policy of drivel and misinformation. Even if it only the aspect of awakening us to that, the CC makers have done humanity a great service. IMO, reptilians direct things, and IMO, we don't have a heckuva lotta time left to organize and fight these things.

On 1st Jun 2004, Joe Mason wrote;
"There is a graphic like this formation on this page:

It is one of several glyphs shown to illustrate "The Tipharet Helix." Tipharet is the sphere in the center of the Tree of Life, given the number 6. The glyphs are said to represent the numerical interplay of the left and right pillars. The left numbers are 3, 5, and 8. This starts with two odd numbers followed by an even number. The right pillar numbers are 2, 4, and 7. This starts with two even numbers followed by and odd number. The crossover of polarity is at number 6, Tipharet. This is said to be a Karmic mixing, showing that everything becomes its own opposite in time.

The glyphs are like a M%F7bius Strip or infinity symbols. Another example depicted is a figure eight in a horizontal position. It shows dominion and is ascribed to the Greek god, Hermes. The Romans called him Mercury and the Egyptians called him Thoth.

Another symbol shown is a snake biting its tail, known as Ouroborus (or Ouroboros). A standard Yin - Yang symbol is also shown. These have also appeared as crop circle formations.

An apparent symbol of Tipharet appeared with the Tree of Life formation in 1997:

In terms of the chakras, Tipharet represents the fourth, the heart chakra. This is the apparent "BIG" message - that humanity will reach that level, and things will change greatly -

For these reasons, I feel that this formation is not a hoax. If all the formations are hoaxes, then it appears many people are working together world wide to invoke a new religion. If this is so, why is it that most of the news media consider the crop circles a joke and a non-story?

On 30th May 2004, Watcher wrote;
"regarding 'simple but authentic'. If the CCs are a type of communication intended to transmit information, and given that they have been being transmitted for over three decades, and given that we still don't understand their message, and given that the intelligence creating the circles IS intelligent, they must have reached the conclusion by now that simple is the way it has to be, because we sure as hell don't understand the complex. They must be puzzled by now, ya figger? We are!"

On 27th May 2004, Tom Sutter wrote;
"I've seen this formation elsewhere. In my opinion it is authentic. (Simple, but authentic nontheless)"

On 26th May 2004, Watcher wrote;
"Don't know if this has been done, but it might be worth a try.

You'll need a normal camera
2) Colour infrared film

Colour infrared is usually shot as one would any 100 ASA. The camera focus requires no correction. (The curved line on lenses is to correct focus for black and white infrared film.) Shoot the formation and the area around it, taking shots that include the formation and plants that surround it. Is the colour shift the same in both? If not, why not? Of course, there should be differences between the colours of standing and fallen plants. However, if standing plants within the formation show a different shift than standing plants outside the formation, that begs a few questions.

Difficulty is that it is difficult to get colour IR film developed. (Lats I heard there were only three labs in the USA that did it.) The process is different. Would be a few bucks/pounds more for sure.


On 26th May 2004, NR wrote;
"Savage... look I know im blonde but I know the difference between a gyroscope and an etch-a-sketch!!! I know what you meant though.. they have a thing similar to a etch-a-sketch in the Gadget shop and its called a gyro-something! I might take an etch-a-sketch into the formation too.. you never know I might get a pattern forming witht he EM field!! hehe "

On 26th May 2004, Savage wrote;
"NR: The Gadget Shop (if you have one near you) would be the place to buy a Gyroscope, but dont get confused and by an Etch-a-Scetch instead."

On 25th May 2004, NR wrote;
"Watcher.. yes sorry a mobile phone is a cell phone!! I don't speak fluent American yet.. mind you my Canadian is getting better!! hehe
Gyroscope.. another good idea!! I shall take one in next time I go.. if I can figure out where I would buy one from!!! :o) I am willign to try anything out.. you never know what might be uncovered.

On 25th May 2004, Watcher wrote;
"Is a mobile phone what North Americans would call a cell phone? "

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