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West Tistead, north of The Meon Hut, Hampshire, UK


Looks like four joined circles with some form of design in the middle. The farmer has requested that people DO NOT enter this formation without permission. Please respect his wishes!

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Date Reported

20th Jul

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SU 677288

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Visitor comments - page 1:

On 31st Jul 2003, Nyki wrote;
"Hi Guys
Well I'm Polish but live in Wiltshire (lucky me I can get to see the real thing!)
It's interesting that we are all from different countries and that our interest in crop circles unites us. The Circle Makers are doing a good job at bringing us together.

Nyki xx

On 29th Jul 2003, avr wrote;
"Joe Mason-

Thank you for that information ;o]

On 29th Jul 2003, Pandora wrote;
"The Heart is a fractal and only a fractal recursion can bend the light. The geometry forms the hierarchy of shapes that crystallise within the sphere."

On 28th Jul 2003, Joe Mason wrote;
"The formation seems to represent the seven chakras within the human body, with the kundalini serpent winding through them. The central circle represents the fourth-heart chakra midpoint. This symbolism, the seven and the midpoint, is a universal elementary idea found many decades ago by comparing myths and religions worldwide. Many other formations have indicated this or parts of it. A number of formations this year indicate chakras, especially the heart chakra.

This is the next great step in human consciousness evolution. See:

Humanity On The Pollen Path

Crop Circle Formations As Chakras

The Tree of Life Crop Circle Formation

The Menorah Crop Circle Formation

I do think this will become more clear as the season and seasons roll on.

On 28th Jul 2003, Mr Salvia wrote;
"I have entered this circle and the energies are truly remarkable. I stress that everyone should enter this circle and experience these tremendous energies. Our group has been interacting with the formations for 8 years now and have never experienced anything like this. Extremely raw and primal."

On 28th Jul 2003, FOX wrote;

On 27th Jul 2003, FOX wrote;
"Wait! I got confused! Let's see... Ria is Dutch... A.R.G. is Spanish...A.V.R. is Norwegian. I'm American, and T.W. is an Eskimo. I think I got it right. Whew!
Hey Ria, I used to live in Werkoven (near Zeist). I love Holland.

On 27th Jul 2003, FOX wrote;
" Jeez Ria, your'e Spanish huh? This is so cool! Here we are thousands of miles apart, and now I'm beginning to think T.W. is an Eskimo or something, and all I can think of is that poor little guy huddling in an igloo somewhere crouched over his '87 Commodore 1.0, hunting and pecking while his frozen little left hand attempts to grip a 1953 edition of the Inuit-English dictionary, and the babies are crying again and he must hunt again and the umiak must be resewn, and its 120 below outside... Of course! God! I feel like a monster.
Seriously, though, I really appreciate that so many of you are from different cultures and yet share the same interests. There is a real universality connected to crop circles.

On 27th Jul 2003, FOX wrote;
"Jeez a.r.g.-- Norwegian, huh? Well, criminy, I'm American. I used to live in Goteborg Sweden, with my Swedish then-wife. Jag tykker att du forstor vad jag sayer har, ellor ar Svenska for olika ifron Norska? "

On 27th Jul 2003, a.r.g. wrote;
"We are creating a good international team. It's right.
Now we need to have good ideas and find solutions. It's a good feeling, we are in the way.

On 27th Jul 2003, avr wrote;
" Norwegian ;o]
Its an international site isnt it? hehe ;o]
Me myself uses if im uncertain on how things are spelled ;o] But it doesnt matter because we understand one another...hehe

On 27th Jul 2003, Ria wrote;
"Sorry again a.r.g.
I did not want to sound like a school-teacher; I often make mistakes too. ;-(
But you are right: as long as we can understand each other, that's the most important thing...
See ya! - *Ria* -

On 27th Jul 2003, a.r.g. wrote;
"Thank you Ria:

Me too. I'm spanish, and I'm with my Spanish-English, English-Spanish dictionary. Sometimes I have "too much" things to write and I don't have time to check what I send. And sometimes I don't see the mistake. :-( .
Anyway the most important think is that we can understand ourselves and broadcast our ideas, the better way we can.
Anyway thank you.

On 27th Jul 2003, Ria wrote;
Sorry a.r.g...
I know it's difficult sometimes, the language I mean, I struggle also, I'm Dutch...and sitting here with my English-Dutch and Dutch-English dictionary...;-)
Love -*Ria*-

On 27th Jul 2003, a.r.g. wrote;

On 27th Jul 2003, a.r.g. wrote;
"Sorry I mean
I'm beginig to be an absent-minded

On 27th Jul 2003, a.r.g. wrote;
"We have to define some patterns:
Yin-Yan, Fractals, Solar System, Pentangles, Hexagons, Flower of Life (?), Explicit Mesages....and their variations. Then we have to seek a relationship with the date and the location. And later we have to write a book with the conclusions. ;o]

On 27th Jul 2003, a.r.g. wrote;
"right, excus me a forgot one.
It is a pattern.
Two in Wilshire one in Hampshire.
I don't live in England then for me the location is irrelevant, but your are right the message is important and maybe subconcious, (if the message is for us).

On 27th Jul 2003, avr wrote;
"There are 3 formations isnt it? one in June and two in July ;o]

I said this because every formation looks randomly chosen when it comes to the design, making them special to its location. It was wrong maybe saying a theme but 3 times is a pattern dont you agree? They must be more important since they are "making" the same message in a different yin & yan pictogram on different locations (?) stating an important message over and over (!) ;o]

On 27th Jul 2003, a.r.g. wrote;
"maybe movement, or expansion."

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