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Halewick Lane, Sompting, Sussex, UK



A 'spoked wheel' type design 202' in dia.


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1st Jun

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Visitor comments - page 1:

On 17th Jun 2003, Nyki wrote;
"Looks very odd to me. Rough I would say"

On 9th Jun 2003, RANDY wrote;

The CGI drawing is far more perfect than the actual formation. Can you give us one that is as off center as the actual?


On 8th Jun 2003, avr wrote;
"LOL..dont worry peter :o) I found it on Pauls MAIN page (silly me)
I got a shortcut to his database and his homepage.....(un)fortunately i "always" use the databaseshortcut :o)

On 8th Jun 2003, Ria wrote;
"Hi Mace, WHO are you???
Bye ***Ria***

On 7th Jun 2003, a.r.g. wrote;

It's clear like water. 3500 BC they knew what happens. Circles in stone. The same way as Stonehenge. They wanted to perpetuate their knowledge. Just in that place.

bye, bye.

On 6th Jun 2003, peter wrote;
"avr: wait until i flush the mace out of my eyes - I can't see a damn thing now. Catch you later."

On 6th Jun 2003, Mace wrote;

We've seen the snake that swallowed the moon
and the sun through the ancient door unhewn.
So now to find this land of birth,
and gaze upon the turning earth.
The wonder in the fields you see
was there before this mystery.
It's in the soil and in the leaf
it's in the farmer's toil and grief.
It's in the heart and in the soul
and runs through rivers shining gold.
It's in the sea and in the sky
and in our asking of the why.


On 6th Jun 2003, avr wrote;

What graph.(?) did i miss anything?

On 6th Jun 2003, peter wrote;
"Paul: thanks for the distribution graph - it spits out the story clear."

On 5th Jun 2003, Chaz wrote;
What's this about "two objects flying around in a circle at this spot last year?" How many people saw this?


On 4th Jun 2003, a.r.g. wrote;

Clever boy. ;-)

Bye, Bye.

On 4th Jun 2003, avr wrote;
"hi a.r.g why didnt i get that...hehe. I got it now :o)

*me crawls back into cave*

On 4th Jun 2003, Lewis wrote;
"This formation was located in the same place as the two objects flying around a circle on the 3rd of June last year, this is amazing."

On 4th Jun 2003, a.r.g. wrote;
"Hi avr:

It's a kind of ironic humour.
I say that for the people that believe that some humans could do it, and don't believe in the real fact.
Some humans say that they make the circles, but nobody see them, and they do not show proofs of how they make it. Better they have to keep silence.


On 4th Jun 2003, avr wrote;
"Hi a.r.g :o)

No one sees it because we are not supposed to i guess :o] and it happens so fast ..*poof*.. and its there :o)

On 3rd Jun 2003, a.r.g. wrote;
"It is almost in the middle of the city. How could it be that nobody saw the making?."

On 3rd Jun 2003, Mace wrote;

Six And One does fire make
while six times two the clouds do take.
No air it needs, the living flame
to light the world and give it name.
Who will know this ancient rune
and see the dolmen stands unhewn.
Some will see and some will not,
it matters not a single jot.

There'll be more
to show the door
and light the flame anew.
Just close your eyes
and watch the skies.
To feelit in the dew.


On 3rd Jun 2003, avr wrote;
"Here is a picture:

Sorry Mr Vigay :o)

On 3rd Jun 2003, mat wrote;
"1st of june

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