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2008 Season

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FULL access to database listings are now FREE and open to anyone.

Welcome to the World's first, interactive, fully searchable online database of international crop formations.

This catalogue hopefully forms the 'definitive' database of crop formations available on the internet. Access is completely free of charge and open to anyone. We strongly support freedom of information and the sharing of ideas and theories and to this end, we are constantly looking to improve the service we offer to our visitors.

Our archives go back to the 1940's and even earlier. With over 2500 formations logged, our database contains the most comprehensive online database of crop circles in the world, including news of all the latest crop circles as soon as they're reported.

Some people claim that there have been in excess of 10,000 formations, but I dispute this figure. I probably have about another 500 entries to add to the database from my archives, but I refer to a complete formation as a single entry. Some researchers refer to each element within a formation as an individual circle, which perhaps accounts for higher numbers reported.

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This is useful if you wish to search for a specific word within the database, such as a formation 'nickname' or anomalous effect. ie. You could search for whale to locate whale type formations, or magnetic to find any formations with magnetic effects recorded. Fields are optional and if left blank, means any match will be returned.

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If you think you've discovered a new crop formation, please report it as soon as possible so that scientific research can be carried out immediately.

Our database relies on the goodwill and sharing of information by our visitors, and we thank you in advance for any help, comments or additional information.

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Crop Circle Distribution Patterns

If you are interested in distribution patterns from year to year, or read the truth behind the media lies on the 2001 Foot and Mouth disease outbreak in the UK, click here to read my article.

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